Offshore Challenge 2017 - October 14th to 20th

We invite you to participate in the Offshore Challenge 2017.

In racing speed, the distance of about 140 miles from Biograd to Dubrovnik and 140 miles back will be sailed.The offshore challenge connects cruising under sails over long distances with the sporting competition.

All boats are equipped with a tracking system. This allows participants and spectators to watch day and night exactly who, where, how fast everybody is sailing, and who is just ahead. When the time limit expires, the exact position for the ranking will be used.
Of course, everything can be viewed in retrospect.
The tracking system is also an essential safety tool as it can also be used to locate demaged ships!

Only for experienced skippers!
It´s a fact that on the longer track the wind depending on the weather situation can be a much stronger, we recommend the participation only for experienced skippers and hard-rooted crews.
The Offshore Challenge is an excellent preparation for "The Race - 1000miles", which will be carried out in 2018 from Biograd to Lefkas and back.

Whoever has been there can often report a lot of pride!

Sponsors and partner
if the Offshore Challenge: